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This is Jackalope is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the creation dissemination and management of contemporary artistic practices founded and directed by Cristina Anglada and Gema Melgar. TIJ is conceived as a platform that aims to develop international action from which to produce cultural projects that experiment with formats and discourse and generates a place for exchange and dissemination between existing discourse in different artistic communities. It also seeks to promote Julián Cruz This is Jackalope partnerships and encounters between people, in order to produce and disseminate knowledge.

9 July - 26 September

I´m still learning

A solo show by Jonathan Baldock

Baldock’s starting point is the drawing by Goya of the same title (I Am Still Learning), which shows an old man walking along with great difficulty as he leans on two crutches. The image initially conjures up the will and the need we all have to continue to learn despite the shortcomings of old age. However, what Baldock is mostly interested in is the feeling of humility it expresses in today’s context of anthropocentric crisis and the urgency of adopting a listening attitude towards Nature. Baldock is presenting an alternative reality from which to recover our ability to connect to the elements, synchronising once again with our natural surroundings and, in the wider sense, with the planet itself. I Am Still Learning is an imaginary, queer scenario located in another space-time which transports us into a universe of healing.

Special Edition #4

David Horvitz

Manzanares River at Night

Issue #3

Ayo Akingbade, Elena Bajo, Marcia Bjornerud, Delivertart, Carlos Fernández–Pello, Laurent Gault, Lewis Hammond, Eloise Hawser, Stefanie Hessler, Marianne Hoffmeister, Hot Wheels Athens, Instituto de Estudios Postnaturales, Intersticio, Kristin Jones & Andrew Ginzel, Kahlil Joseph, Aristeidis Lappas, Galeria Madragoa, Nicole McLaughlin, Luna Miguel, Inés Muñozcano, Catalina Obrador, Onassis Air, Galería PM8, Abraham Rivera Duque, Salón Silicón, Senta Simond, Sofia Stevi, Grace Storey, Galerie Sultana, Roxy Topia & Paddy Gould, Lucie Tuma, Sara de Ubieta

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