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Special Edition #4

David Horvitz

Manzanares River at Night
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It is a limited edition developed by This is Jackalope’s invited artist. Special editions have an annual periodicity and could be a photograph, a silkscreen, a sculpture, an engraving or any other medium that the artist chooses.

Manzanares River at Night is the piece signed by David Horvitz and produced by This is Jackalope for the year 2021.



Manzanares River at Night, 2021

Five-color silkscreen with monotype, sun-colored autographic photolithographs with objects and water collected on the banks of the Manzanares River, on Canson Edition 320 g paper.

60 x 40 cm
Ed. 40

Production: Multiple Editions



David Horvitz

Lucid and poetic, the works of David Horvitz blend into language systems, time, and social media. Recoiling from classification, his wide-ranging work takes the form of photographs, artist’s books, performances, memes, postal art, sounds, stamps, cookery, travel, long walks, and water-colours. Like lullabies recorded inside our heads, the products of Horvitz’s art become objects of contemplation and viral or systemic tools to effect personal change. David Horvitz creates fictions that insinuate themselves into the real