This is Jackalope is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the creation, dissemination and management of contemporary artistic practices. Founded and directed by Cristina Anglada and Gema Melgar, This is Jackalope is conceived as a platform from which to produce cultural projects that experiment with formats and discourse. Among these projects is that of an annual paper publication, bilingual Spanish / English, which will gather content reflecting  on topics of interest in the current sociocultural context.

This is Jackalope is born out of the aim to develop international action and among its objectives is that of generating a place for exchange and dissemination between existing discourse in different artistic communities. It also seeks to promote partnerships, relationships and encounters between people, in order to produce and disseminate knowledge through seminars, lectures and participatory activities.

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Cristina Anglada

Cristina Anglada is an independent curator, cultural manager and a contemporary art writer. She has a bachelor degree in Art History (UCM) and a master degree in Contemporary Art History and Visual Culture (UCM and MNCARS). She has been one of the founding members and directors of the online magazine of contemporary art Nosotros during the last 5 years.
She was based in Berlín from 2008 to 2010, where she carried out different works in the field of contemporary art. She has been the coordinator of exhibition projects as Casa Leibniz (February 2015; 2016), the Artists archive of Matadero (Matadero Madrid) and publisher’s projects as the catalogue of Arco Madrid (2013, 2014, 2015, 2016), the annual report of Ranchito 2014 (Matadero Madrid) or the manual of Spanish Contemporary Art directed by Rafa Doctor (2013). She has been the artistic director of the site-specific project Frágil during 2014 and 2016. She has worked as an assistant of different galleries: Michael Janssen (Berlín); Juliette Jongma (Amsterdam); Steve Turner (LA);
As a curator she has made several exhibition projects in institutions: Time Adverbs (CentroCentro, ARCOmadrid 2018. Group show with the artists: Serafín Álvarez, Cécile B. Evans, Nora Barón, Nina Canell, Julian Charrière, Marian Garrido, Mia Goyette, Rubén Grilo, Camille Henrot, Hanne Lippard, Regina de Miguel, Jacopo Miliani, Shana Moulton, Melodie Mousset, Laure Prouvost); at galleries: Cosmic Morsel (F2, Madrid, 2015); Nicely Offensive (A3Bandas, gallery PONCE + ROBLES, Madrid, 2015); Cultural Institutions and Festivals: Lo que se sabe y lo que se intuye (pero realmente se desconoce) (Villamanuela, 2015, Conde Duque); Tangentes (Festival VillaManuela, IED, Madrid 2014); One out of one Thousand (Art Center South Florida, Miami, FL USA, 2014.); Presente Continuo (together with Abraham Rivera Conde Duque, Madrid VillaManuela, 2013);

Gema Melgar

Gema Melgar is a cultural producer, curator and programmer. She graduated in Film and Media Studies at Universidad Carlos III and also holds an MA in Contemporary Art History and Visual Culture awarded by the Reina Sofia Museum, Universidad Complutense and Universidad Autónoma. Since 2010 she has worked at the Art Programming Department of Matadero Madrid, a former slaughterhouse transformed into a multidisciplinary arts centre, where she focuses on visual arts production practices and El Ranchito Residency Programme. Prior to that, she lived in the UK where she worked for the International exhibition programme at Liverpool Biennial between 2006 and 2009, being responsible for several artists' new commissions in the Public Realm. Since 2010 she has been part of Adaptive Actions' editorial committee, a project that serves as a reservoir which provides a voice for adaptive actions developed in specific social contexts. She has also curated art projects independently and collaboratively in Spain, Canada and the UK. Among her curatorial interests are the potentialities of actions in heterogenous urban environments and how art functions in site-specific and contextual situations. More recently she has been researching the relationship between art and technology and the engagement of artistic practice with entropy, ethnology and anthropology.


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